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The forces of the planets are classified into six types,

1) Positional force (Sthan Bal)

2) Directional Force (Dig Bala)

3) Force by effort (Chesta Bala)

4) Time Force (Kaal Nala)

5) Natural Force (Nisarga Bala)

6) Hidden Associational Force (Asth, Samagama Bala).


If a planet is positioned in its own house, or in its 'MOOLA TRIKONA', or if it is friendly with another planet or combined with an auspicious planet like Moon, or is not seen by an inauspicious planet, all these conditions are called 'positional force' of that planet.


The Mars has a directional force in 'Jupiter Lagna' i.e. if the Jupiter is in the 1st house of the birth chart. The Sun has directional force if positioned in the 10th house, the Saturn has directional force if positioned in the 7th house and Venus and Moon have directional force if positioned in the fourth house.


The Sun and the Moon are powerful when the Sun is to the north of the equator (Uttarayana). The rest of the planets have 'Chesta Bala' when they are either in a retrogratory motion (Vakra Gati), or are combined with the Moon. Those planets, which have the brightest rays and which are positioned northward in a combination with another planet, are also known to have 'Chesta Bala' (force by efforts).


The Moon, the Saturn and the Mars are powerful during the night. The Mercury is powerful during the day as well as during the night. The Sun, Jupiter and Venus are powerful during the day. The ‘cruel’ planets are powerful during the darker phase of the Moon, and the ‘gentle’ planets are powerful during the brighter phase of the Moon.

NATURAL FORCE: The Mars is more powerful than the Saturn, Mercury is more powerful than the Mars, Jupiter is more powerful than Mercury, Venus is more powerful than Jupiter, the Moon is more powerful than Venus and the Sun is the most powerful of them all.

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